Everyone wants to go to Heaven. But most people have never imagined what Heaven looks like, what it feels like, what it could actually be like. Have you imagined Heaven? Free your mind and let this book take your imagination to experience something that will expand your consciousness forever.

Damian Calzato has been imagining what Heaven could be like for many years. He has asked many people if they have ever imagined what Heaven is like, and no one has. So Damian thought, it’s about time we start imagining Heaven. Originally, many years ago, Damian was going to publish a book for children and seniors, but he decided to share this digitally, in the form of a website instead. Everything that Damian has written about Heaven is simply his creative imagination, and is not based on any religious scriptures. This book was written with the very best intention, and Damian could be completely wrong about everything, or he could be completely right. No one knows. Anything is possible in Heaven. The writing style of this book was inspired by one of Damian’s favorite authors growing up, Dr. Seuss. In Heaven, can you fly? Because Angels Fly.