Heaven is a place,

where God blesses you with grace.

Everything is great,

once you enter that gate.

You are greeted by God and your loved ones,

meet family, friends, and ancestors, by the tons.

Everything in Heaven is made from love,

because it was created by the one and only from up above.

Everywhere you turn is pure peace and gratitude,

and everyone you meet is always in a such a great mood.

Perect happiness is what you'll find,

Joy is everything you'll experience, all the time.

Reconnect and spend time with the people you care about,

those beautiful souls who waited for you in Heaven with no doubt.

Activities in Heaven are never ending,

because time is irrelevant and nothing is pending.

Get cozy because you're going to be here a while,

Heaven is groovy and eternal life has you in a permanent smile.

It's finally time to enjoy and relax,

because God created Heaven to the max.

You might be curious of what there is to do,

words cannot describe, if you only knew.

It's a never ending experience full of universal imagination,

so enjoy yourself because you are on an everlasting vacation.

Your ancestors have a lot of stories to tell,

so get ready to learn that things are pretty swell.

You could watch the history of the earth,

since the very first woman ever gave birth.

You could watch everything on Heaven's television,

or explore it first hand, just make a decision.

Learn about other planets in the universe,

you'll be shocked to find out, how life is so diverse.

Explore the countries you've never seen,

or revisit the ones you've already been.

You can stop by any small town,

there's always something to see around.

Or maybe, you can tour any city,

go alone or with a committee.

When you are done exploring our beautiful the Heaven on earth,

tour other planets which are full of incredible worth.

In Heaven boredom does not exist,

God's Kingdom, was created with a twist.

You could chill at your favourite park,

and for you it may never get dark.

Sit on the beach and enjoy the summer breeze,

or find yourself in winter, on a mountaintop in skis.

Relax for as long as you need to recharge,

this is the greatest place to experience love at large.

Read as many books as you like,

or go on an adventure, like on a beautiful hike.

Your Heaven home can be big or small,

and you always have access to the never ending mall.

In Heaven you will never be hungry,

but you still eat food from any planet and country.

Attend every match of your favourite sports team,

front row or bleachers, whatever your dream.

Concerts and theater is just the beginning,

Heaven entertainment has everyone winning.

Hang out at the bar, the drinks are free,

it's mostly holy water, and probably some tea.

Watch the sunset every night,

and stay awake until you see light.

Anything is possible you see,

because God made Heaven the best place to be.

In Heaven friendly animals are everywhere,

even ones from other planets that are extremely rare.

Heaven has no flaws,

so there's never the need to press pause.

Here time stands still,

so try learning a new skill.

In Heaven positivity is the only thing you'll find,

but you don't need to try because everyone is super kind.

If you're still looking for Heaven activities,

there's no end to the infinite festivities.

Bring yourself some extra cheer,

by finding a delightful Heaven career.

Work side by side with the incredible God,

do it alone or perhaps join a squad.

Become a guardian angel to someone you love,

watch them from above like a beautiful dove.

In God's Kingdom you can express your soul,

take on anything and learn any role.

Heaven is far outside the universe but still really close by,

we are here on earth for a reason, you'll find out when you die.

Have you imagined Heaven?

Written by Damian Calzato